Jane Colburn Bloated Girl




Jane is excited to find some of her old shirts from high school in a pile of clothes. “I wonder if they still fit,” she says, putting one of the shirts up to her body. “It looks kind of small.” She struggles to put it over her shoulders, and then finally pushes it down her chest. 

“This does not look good,” Jane laughs to herself. She squeezes at the fat rolls that are now defined by her tight shirt. “I can’t wear this out anymore.” On top of having a now pudgy, soft belly, she notices she has love handles. She pinches her fat, flabby sides, and attempts to push her stomach back in, but it plops back down. 

“I remember when this used to be flat…now it’s so jiggly,” she says, shaking her soft belly. “It looks so bad underneath these clothes…you can see it.” She remarks on how chubby her thighs are, and then notices how big her ass has gotten. 

“I don’t even know how I gained all this weight. God, you can even see my stretch marks,” Jane says, running her fingers across her skin. She picks up her other shirt, “This one looks even smaller. It’s a size small…there’s no way. I can’t believe I ever used to fit into this.”

“Come on…I know I can get it on,” she says, squirming and struggling to get the old shirt on. It hugs her body, making her fat show, “Yeah, that is not flattering.” Not only is her belly, thighs, arms, and butt bigger, but her tits have grown with the unexpected weight.

“This used to look good on me,” Jane says in disappoint. “Well, I guess that’s two shirts for the bin.” She struggles to take the shirt off, and then compares it to her fatter body.

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Jane Colburn Bloated Girl