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SSBBW Jiggle with Ivy Davenport


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Ivy smiles softly, her hands running down her huge, fat body. She shows off her tight shirt and plaid skirt, and then shakes her big ass. She knows you love her sexy fat, and teases you with it, slowly stripping down. 

“I’ve been gaining and growing just for you,” she says. Ivy tells you that she loves her big, sexy body, and she knows you do, too. She shows off her big belly, and then jiggles her body, letting it ripple into waves.

“So fat,” Ivy says, slapping her fat rolls. “Look at all that soft, sexy fat. I love jiggling for you.” She moves her thick, thunder thighs, and quickly gets exhausted from the movement.  

Ivy tells you how good it feels to jiggle and squeeze her huge belly. She shows off her dimples and cellulite, gently pinching her big legs. “Even my belly has cellulite,” she says, smiling. She lies on her back and moves her soft stomach. “So heavy,” she says, feeling the weight shift.  

“I love the way it feels,” she smiles. She teases you with her fat body, and then giggles, asking you to come play with it.

This video includes: Ivy Davenport, SSBBW, fat, strip tease, ass shaking, belly jiggling/smacking, belly rubbing, belly drops, big thighs, tit groping/bouncing, fat talk, gaining weight, fatter, bigger

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SSBBW Jiggle with Ivy Davenport