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Fat Like Me!: Sensual Force-Feeding for a Fatter Body




This clip offers a sensual encouragement and feeding to gain weight.

“We’re going to get you nice and fat…just like me,” Quinn said, smiling. “You know there’s only one way to do it, right?” Quinn was going to stuff me, sensually forcing bite after bite until I grew fatter right in front of her!

Quinn had laid out a big plate of devil’s food cake and a 2-liter of sugary soda for me to fill myself up with. She fed me the first bite, and it was so chocolaty. I could taste the creamy center, and had to immediately swallow it down with some of the Sprite. “You’re a fat girl at heart, aren’t you?” she said, encouraging me to gain.

Quinn rubbed my stomach, “We want this belly to get nice and big.” She continued to feed me bite after bite, and I was already getting so stuffed. “I don’t know if I can eat anymore,” I said, but Quinn kept encouraging me. I could feel my belly getting tight and full, and it was already bulging over my panties. I felt like I was going to pop!

She rubbed my big, bulging belly, and feed me another cake. Not only did she want my stomach to get fatter, but she wanted to see my thighs, face, butt, and chest get bigger too. “And the only way to do that,” she reminded me, “is to keep eating these delicious snacks.”

I was struggling, exhausted, trying to get the soft cake down. I laid back, and Quinn rubbed my growing stomach. When I sat up, I could see the tiny fat rolls piling up on top of each other. I squeezed, jiggled, and smacked my fat belly, and then compared it to Quinn’s huge, heavy stomach. I had so much work to do to get to her size, and I knew Quinn wouldn’t give up until I was as fat as her, or even fatter!

This clip includes: Curvy Quinn, Fifi Foxx, feeder/feedee, sensual feeding, force-feeding, gaining weight, weight gain, gainer, facestuffing/overeating, eating, devil’s food cake snacks, junk food, soda pop, sugar, chocolate, cream/creme, bbw making thinner girl fat, bigger and fatter body, stuffed, full, soda chugging, burping, girl/girl feeding, girl/girl belly rubbing, belly plopping, jiggling, belly smacking, fat, overweight, bulging belly, fat rolls, belly comparison, lazy

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Fat Like Me!: Sensual Force-Feeding for a Fatter Body

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