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No…You’re Fatter!: 2 Girls Compare Their Bigger Bodies




I was sunbathing by the pool when my friend, Rose, looked over. “Are you gaining weight?” she asked. I didn’t think I looked THAT big, but she insisted that I looked “poochy.” Poochy? Did she see that big belly in front of her?

If she was going to try and fat-shame me, I was going to do it to her too. I moved over and started shaking her bulging belly. “Man, that is huge,” I said, letting her soft stomach jiggle in my hands. But that only further motivated her to go after me. She claimed that my belly was too big since it stuck out over my bikini.

Yeah right, I could suck it in. We went back and forth trying to hide our fat, but it would only be a few seconds before it plopped back down. Was I really fatter than her? “Turn around,” I said, attempting to look at how much bigger her ass had gotten. It jiggled and everything! I could even see the extra fat on her thighs.

And love handles? Oh, she had them. But she claimed she had a “unique” build and I was just fat. She could jiggle, pinch, and move her fat more than me, and when her thighs touched, she said it was because they were “thick.” Wait…my thighs touched too!?

You know what, fine. I’d prove that she was fatter than me when we were sitting down. When we sat by the pool, both of our big bellies hung over. I actually had fat rolls! How many did I have? Oh my god. She claimed that she had a wayyy better body than me, but I’ll let you decide. Tell me, who’s fatter?

This clip includes: Rose Black, Fifi Foxx, gaining weight, weight gain, gainer, fat, fat humiliation, weight humiliation, girls compare chubby bodies to see who is fatter, make fun of each other’s weight, bulging belly, 2 girls, big belly, fat rolls, squeezing, pinching, and jiggling fat, shaking fat ass, big butt, touching thighs, thick thighs, love handles, belly rubbing, ass shaking, bloated belly, huge stomach, fat talk, soft, round, big, huge, overweight

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No…You’re Fatter!: 2 Girls Compare Their Bigger Bodies

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