Curvy Quinn


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This is Quinn’s first ever weigh-in and measurement clip!

Ever since starting the industry in April five years ago, Quinn says she’s gotten a lot fatter. She drops her heavy belly, “I remember when it used to be so flat, and when I could see my feet.” She measures her belly, butt, chest, and thighs.

After getting her measurements, Quinn steps on the scale. She tells you how much she used to weigh, and then shows you how much she weighs now. She giggles as the scale does a full 360! “The scale doesn’t even work for how fat I am!” Although she is almost too fat for the scale, she is still able to get her weight.

Quinn shows off her fatter body, squeezing and jiggling her big belly, thick thighs, fat ass, and massive tits.

This clip includes: Curvy Quinn, gaining weight, weight gain, gainer, progress, weigh-in, stepping on scale, fatter, tape measure, measurements on belly, butt, chest, and thighs, belly dropping/plopping, belly smacking/shaking, jiggling thighs, belly jiggling/squeezing, shaking and groping big tits, big and soft belly, fat ass, cellulite, showing off fat body, fat talk

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Curvy Quinn