Ivy Davenport




Ivy is having a relaxing day at the pool. Hoping to catch the last of the sun’s rays, she attempts to get on top of her inflatable donut. Unfortunately, instead of landing on the inflatable, she falls into the pool. She tries to climb back on, but struggles as her massive weight pulls her down. “I’m too fat,” she says to herself.

Ivy swims slowly towards the other inflatable, huffing, as her big body pushes through the water. “Surely I’m not too fat for this big float.” She tries to plop her fat body onto it, but it flies from underneath her.

Determined to lay out and relax, she decides it might be easier to put the float on her. She squeezes into it from underneath, shifting her weight back and forth until her head pokes out. Ivy’s big body causes the inflatable to turn to the side, and she struggles to keep it flat.

Now uncomfortable, she tries to get out, but realizes her body is wedged into the inflatable. Unable to free herself in the water, she gets out of the pool and struggles to push the inflatable off. Using all of her energy, she gets quickly exhausted. “It’s not gonna go over my hips.” She tries moving it up, but that doesn’t work either.

With her big, soft body completely stuck in the inflatable, she decides to jump back into the pool, allowing the donut to finally slip from her huge body.

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Ivy Davenport