SSBBW Tries On Tight Clothes




With a long day ahead of her, Reenaye sits up to get ready. Eager to show off in front of her friends, she has picked out an old pair of cute shorts and a small top to wear. She unbuckles the shorts and pulls them over her thick legs.

She struggles to pull them over her ass, and her huge fat roll hangs over the waistband. “Was that a rip I heard?” she says, pulling on her shorts. She tries to shift each side inch by inch, but it’s impossible to get it over her soft belly. “I know these fit like a few months ago.”

When lying down doesn’t work, she stands up. She huffs as she tries to move her heavy stomach underneath the shorts, but is unsuccessful. “I’m just getting so fat,” she says, fanning herself off. With enough hard thrusts up, she eventually gets them partially over her belly. “Uh oh…did I break them?”

Reenaye tries pulling the two pieces together to fasten the shorts, but they don’t come close. She pants, exhausted, and tries to re-position herself. She is fortunate, getting the button to fasten, but the zipper is still wide open. She tries to roll to her side, and finds that it’s hard to move since her shorts are so tight. In an attempt to fasten the zipper, a button pops off from her shorts!

“These shorts aren’t gonna work,” she says, huffing. She picks up her top, slides it over her head, and then struggles to get it past her shoulders. “This is definitely a no-go.” As she pushes down the material, it begins to tear. The shirt barely covers her chest, so she decides to switch into something else.

In an attempt to take off the shorts, she realizes they’re stuck. She tries to pry the ends apart with her hands, but nothing works. With no other options, she has to let her friends know she’s running late.

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SSBBW Tries On Tight Clothes

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