SSBBW Stuck In The Tiny Shower




Reenaye’s new house isn’t exactly…ideal. The rooms are small, but the bathroom is even smaller. With a bigger, heavier body, Reenaye has a hard time getting through the doorways. She has to turn her body to the side, sliding and squeezing until she finally makes her way through.

Once Reenaye is in the bathroom, she attempts to get ready for the day. She undresses, and is fortunate to have just enough space between the wall and the bathroom sink for her big body. She looks at the thin shower, “Am I even gonna fit in there?” She shifts and re-positions her soft body several times, but has a hard time getting herself into the tiny shower.

“Once I’m in, I don’t know how I’m going to get out,” she says, huffing. “This bathroom is way too tiny. I’ve gotten so fat.” Slowly sliding and re-adjusting her body, she makes it into the shower. Her body is so huge that she can’t turn around. Feeling too crowded in the small space, she squeezes her body back out, but then struggles her way back in to put something into the shower.

“This is not going to work,” she says, fanning herself off from all the exhausting effort. “That’s great, I’m literally too fat for my own shower.” Her fat rolls jiggle as she pushes herself back out. “It’s a workout just trying to fit in there.” With one last attempt, she decides she’s just way too fat.

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SSBBW Stuck In The Tiny Shower

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