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Rose plans on going out for a night on the town. After picking out the perfect outfit, she struggles to squeeze into a pair of tan pantyhose. “That’s really tight,” she says, getting the material right underneath her belly.

Her big belly rolls over the waistband as she continues to pull it up. She struggles, unable to get it over her fatter butt and belly. She lies down to try again, and her huge belly bulges over. She continues to re-position herself, but no matter what she does, she can’t get her dress and pantyhose over her big belly.

“Think skinny thoughts,” she says, desperate to get her outgrown clothes to fit. “Oh god, I look pregnant.” With enough effort, her dress slides over her round belly. “Oh no, now I look super pregnant.” She pushes her dress back up, and attempts to suck her belly in. Frustrated, she tries jumping to push her pantyhose up, but her stomach only jiggles with the effort.

Exhausted, she decides to stay in for the night, but when she goes to pull off her tight dress, it gets stuck. She squirms, but her fatter body prevents her from freeing herself. “I’m just going to have to cut myself out of these,” she says, her arm caught in the silver material. “I’m too fat for any of these clothes.”

Finally able to pry off her dress, Rose notices her massive belly. “Oh no…my belly hangs over my thighs when I sit.” She squeezes it, and then lies down on the couch, exhausted. “Oh, it’s even bloated when I lay down!” Feeling too fat to go out, she decides to just stay home and order a pizza.

This clip includes: Rose Black, gaining weight, weight gain, clothes too tight, struggling with outgrown clothes, small clothes, big and round belly, belly jiggling, belly squishing, bloated belly, soft, flabby, fat, chubby, muffin top

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Hot Girl Weight Gain

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