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Force-Feeding for a Fatty Boyfriend




Reenaye thinks she’s found the perfect guy. After what seemed like a week of flawless chatting, Reenaye realizes that Aiden is actually quite shallow. After a few picture exchanges and harsh words, he’s completely stopped talking to her.

Aiden comes home from a long day of work. When he unlocks his door, he is greeted by Reenaye, who then spins his body around and chl0roforms him. He wakes up, groggy-headed and confused, only to see the girl he rejected standing in front of him. Reenaye smiles, “Hi, honey…I’m so glad you finally woke up.” Panicked, he realizes he’s been handcuffed to the door, “What have you done?”

Beside him is a table of sugary sweets and a soda. Smiling, Reenaye picks up a pack of donuts and begins force-feeding him. Terrified, he eats, but begs to be released. Eager to make the relationship work, Reenaye stuffs him, feeding him bite after bite, hoping to trap him into his own house. She unbuttons his shirt, “I know you said I was too fat to date you, but I figured if we’re both fat, then we can date, right?”

She fantasizes about making his body huge and immobile, “Look at you, you’re making a mess. You’re turning into a fat boy already.” She rubs his belly, “I can’t wait to turn you into a big, giant tub of lard. You’re going to get even fatter than me. You’re going to get so fat. You’re going to be the fatter one of the two of us.”

Bite after bite, he feels fuller, his stomach unable to take any more, but she continues to stuff him. Her plan being to make him so big that he can’t leave her. “Soon enough, you’re going to be too fat for anyone else.” She grabs the cupcakes from the table, “Anybody can have donuts for breakfast, but it takes a special kind of fatty to eat a cupcake. That’s the kind of special fatty you’re going to be.”

She shoves it into his mouth, and he whines, “It’s so sugary.” With a chocolate and white powdered face, he is left helpless, handcuffed, and full. But it’s only a short break until he gets fattened up again. And again…until he is immobile.

3.4/5 (8 Reviews)

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Force-Feeding for a Fatty Boyfriend