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Here at Fat Camp, we guarantee 100% fat satisfaction. Instead of losing weight like most fat camps, attendees are expected to pack on pounds. They are fed extremely well, encouraged to lie around, and measured and weighed to meet gaining goals. Every week, attendees must meet with a fat counselor to make sure they are headed down the right, round track.

Sometimes, attendees don’t meet their goals. Although they’ve eaten a fair amount, they aren’t quite up to par with the rest. We have ways of catching them up to the others.

On measurement day, an attendee named Fifi was next. I called her name, and she excitedly exclaimed she was ready. Her round belly showed underneath her shirt, and she was positive she made weight. She was confident as she stepped on the scale, but it wasn’t what she expected. Although she had gained, she wasn’t where she needed to be.

I proceeded to lift her shirt and jiggle her full belly. I admit, it was bigger, but it could always be BIGGER. I pulled down her shorts and jiggled her big ass. Once again, I wasn’t too impressed. I continued to measure her round belly, chest, and ass using my tape measure. Although she was gaining, she wasn’t gaining as rapidly as we like to see at camp.

Of course it’s bound to happen, but we have solutions that make us the BEST fat camp out there. If the attendees don’t make their weigh-ins on Friday, they get fed. I always have packs of donuts and a soda near me in case they are having a hard time getting where they need to be.

Now, of course, the attendees don’t prefer this method, but it’s the best thing for them. We force-feed them, stuffing them right after breakfast, giving them a nice double breakfast. To be honest with you, it’s my favorite part. I love watching the attendees grow right in front of my eyes.

I demanded her to chug the soda. Fifi needed to learn to think like a fat girl. I saw her struggling as I stuffed the donuts in her mouth, but I knew she could handle it. I could see her belly getting bigger, tighter, and more swollen. She was exhausted, but I made sure she finished every last bite and her whole soda.

Satisfied, I left her with a homework assignment. Another pack of donuts. I expected her to have them finished within 20 minutes. I’d make sure they were gone too, or I’d force-feed her again. We only expect the fattest at Fat Camp.

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