Your Girlfriend’s Bigger, Fatter Body




Your girlfriend, Gia, smiles sweetly at you as she rummages through the closet trying to find something to wear. It’s been a while since you two had the chance to go out, and she really wants to look good for you. Unfortunately, it’s taking her a while because she can’t decide on what to wear.

“Last outfit, I swear. I just…I wanna look nice, you know? Everything just makes me feel ugh.” She picks out a sexy black skirt and short leather top to match it. It’s obvious that her top is too tight; the material is stretched out with the buttons about to pop off at any second. She looks at you, “What do you think?”

Gia looks herself up and down, and then sighs, “Honestly, I don’t know. Everything I wear…it just makes me feel so FAT.” She notices that her thighs have gotten thicker, her chest is bigger, and that she has fat popping out from her skirt. Stressed, she doesn’t know what to do. Nothing seems to fit her right anymore. She pulls down her skirt to reveal a big, round belly.

Despite her concerns, you love how she looks. Gia looks at you confused, “You like how I look? REALLY?” She can’t comprehend why you’d like her so plump, but you convince her that you really do. Then it hits her. You’ve been purposely pushing those sugary foods on her, hoping to see her gain weight.

She smiles, “I didn’t know you liked chubby girls…” Feeling more confident, Gia starts showing off her new, fat body. “I guess it’s not so bad. I get to eat whatever I want, and you’ll still think I’m sexy.” She moves her top up slightly, showing you how her bigger tits pop out from both ends.

She turns around, pulls up her skirt, and shows off her huge, fat ass and back rolls. But you want her even bigger, so she makes a deal with you. If you buy her all the unhealthy, sugary, delicious foods, she’ll eat them for you, and you’ll get to enjoy her growing, bigger body. “Maybe we can get my arms to be a little bigger, too.”

Gia rubs and jiggles her big belly, “Oh, we can definitely get this a lot bigger.” She squeezes her stomach, showing off her two fat rolls. “Maybe we can get a third. Nice, fat belly rolls…nice and jiggly.”

She smiles, thinking about all of the delicious foods she’ll be eating. “Oh, you know what? We can start tonight. We are going out for dinner, right?”

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Your Girlfriend’s Bigger, Fatter Body