Layla’s Fat, Bloated Belly




Layla talks about how big she’s gotten. Her jeans don’t fit her anymore, and the only thing she can wear are her dresses, but even those are too tight. She squeezes the fat on her arms, turns around to see her ass has gotten bigger, and then notices her huge belly.

She sits down and rests her soft belly against her thighs. After eating such a big, unhealthy meal, her stomach feels big and bloated. She admits to herself that maybe gaining weight wouldn’t be such a terrible idea. Her hands touch her big belly, and she gently squeezes it, feeling how soft she is.

She fantasies about becoming so big that she’s immobile, and having a feeder to take care of her once she can’t move. Although she’s already full, she wants to fill herself up again to see how big her belly can get. She thinks about all of the unhealthy food she can eat, and wonders how fat she can make herself.

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Layla’s Fat, Bloated Belly