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Force-Feeding the Birthday Girl




Yesterday was my sister‘s birthday. I felt bad for her. Even though we had sent out dozens of invitations, no one showed up. Not a single person. Luckily, I made sure to get her a nice birthday cake and her favorite ice cream.

I could tell she was upset. She was sitting at the big table by herself, so I decided to light up the candles on her cake and bring it over to her. She gave me a disgusted look as she noticed a thin slice of the cake was missing. I admit, I did eat a piece, but that’s only because no one showed up for her party. Now I can see why.

She blew out the candles, “I wish that my sister wouldn’t take a piece of my fucking cake.” She rolled her eyes as the flames went out, “Oh wow, it didn’t come true.” That ungrateful bitch. I was determined to make her eat the whole damn thing.

I grabbed her chin with one hand, and scooped up a chunk of cake with the other. I was going to force feed it to her whether she wanted it or not. I shoved the chunk in her mouth and watched as she chewed it. She tried to insult me, so I shoved another inside her mouth.

She complained that she didn’t have anything to drink, so I grabbed her a nice, sugary soda to wash it down. Ha ha, fattie’s diet. I kept shoving piece after piece, and she begged me to stop. She told me she was full, and that she couldn’t eat anymore. I could see her belly getting bigger by the piece. There’s no such thing as too much cake. I was going to fatten her up.

Her face was covered in cake, her stomach was aching, but I wasn’t done. I had totally forgotten about the ice cream. I took the tub of ice cream out and started force feeding her spoonfuls. Her belly had popped out of her pants, but I wanted her FAT.

Spoonful after spoonful…she was going to be huge. I made her stand up, and I saw a huge belly spilling over her pants. Her pants didn’t even go over her belly anymore. She tried to cover it with her shirt, but her belly was so big that you could see a huge bump from underneath her shirt. I squeezed her fat and laughed. She was so exhausted from eating that she had to sit down. Perfect. Now the calories could just sit inside of her belly. She’d be HUGE in no time.

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Force-Feeding the Birthday Girl

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