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Layla’s Failed Attempt to Exercise




Layla is tired of going to the gym. She’s noticed the girls snickering at her when she tries to work out, and now she’s determined to prove them wrong. Instead of going out to the gym, she’s decided to exercise at home.

She kneels down to the ground and attempts a push-up. As soon as she bends her arms, her weight drags her down to the floor. She attempts to pick herself up, but her fat body keeps her down. She lazily rolls on her back to try crunches instead.

She leans up, but immediately finds an excuse to go back down. Her big belly blocks her, and the pressure is too much on her stomach. She starts breathing heavy, already exhausted from trying. Instead of giving up, she stands up and tries to run in place.

Her fat jiggles as she runs in place, and after a few seconds, she’s gasping for air. She continues to try jumping jacks, stretching, squats, walking in place, and even arm circles in desperation. Unfortunately, her big belly and fat prevent her from doing it for too long, and she is back at square one.

She is quickly discouraged, already thinking about skipping the exercise to eat. After another failed attempt at crunches, she sluggishly pulls herself up using the couch, and then heads out for donuts.

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Layla’s Failed Attempt to Exercise