Desperate To Pee And Restroom Is Occupied




I have to pee so bad! There’s so much pressure on my bladder. I finally arrive home, but I can’t get into the bathroom because someone is in there. I don’t think I can hold it in for much longer!

I hold my crotch with both hands, as I bounce, walk from side to side, and prance around. Gosh, I’m going to pee myself if they don’t come out of the bathroom. I open the door only to find out that they are still in there! I lean against the door–crossing my legs from desperation, and holding my crotch.

I check again, but they are still in there! I continue to bend down from desperation, as I shift from side to side, and moan. I am going to leak at any moment. I’m just going to pee right here–I just can’t wait anymore! I squat down, bending my knees, and pee leaks all the way through my jeans. Yeah, that feels so good. Oh gosh–it’s all over my jeans. It feels so good–so warm. All over the floor, all over my legs. That felt really good running down my legs. I wonder if it would feel good and warm if I sat down on the puddle of pee on the floor.

I sit down on the pee that has leaked onto the floor–rubbing my ass across the wet spots. Oh, that feels so good! I’m completely soaked. I continue to move my body all over the wet spot on the floor until I soak it all up with my jeans. It turns me on to feel so wet and warm.

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Desperate To Pee And Restroom Is Occupied