Sexy Nurse Gives You Jerk Off Instruction




“I just came in let you know that the doctor should be in to give you your usual tests–so, just please be patient, he should be here anytime. Here, let me just check something real quick.”

The nurse leans over you, knowing that you are going to look at her body. She puts her chest near your face, and stretches over you to show the side of her ass.

“Ha! I knew it! You ALWAYS get a boner EVERY TIME I am in the room. I told the doctor that you get a hard-on every time I’m in here, and he didn’t believe me. Okay, well, oh gosh. I don’t want the doctor to think that I did anything to stimulate you, okay, so…. you’re going to have to jerk off. You’re going to have to get off.”

She decides that she is going to help you get off– especially since the doctor will be in the room at any time, and you don’t have very much time.

“So, why don’t you get your dick out, from underneath your gown…”

The nurse proceeds to tell you, in very detailed instructions, exactly how to jerk off. She begins to become more seductive, knowing that it will help you get off, and shows you her chest–encouraging you to look at, as you stroke your cock. “Just think about fucking me, or…just bouncing your cock between my tits. Come on, look at my body.” She continues to encourage you to fantasize about all the things you could do with her body–knowing very well that you have fantasized about her before.

“I need you to cum for me! I know you want to fuck me! Show me what a huge load you have! Come on!”

She continues to tease you, and give you instructions until you finally cum. “Now stop getting hard-ons whenever I come into the room, okay? The doctor doesn’t believe me, and I’m just sick of seeing them all the time. I know you fantasize about me, okay? Just hide your boners. Now the doctor is going to be in any second.”

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Sexy Nurse Gives You Jerk Off Instruction