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Waking Up As A Woman And Needing To Pee




He yawns and stretches out, and begins to fix the bed. Completely exhausted, he falls asleep, and pulls the comforter over his face.

After a few hours, he proceeds to twist and turn, as he begins to wake up.

He sits up, yawns, and begins stretching. Still tired, he doesn’t even realize that he’s been transformed into a woman, and continues to fix the bed.

“I gotta go the bathroom.”

He walks toward the bathroom, yawning, and opens the bathroom door.

He looks in the mirror, and realizing that he’s changed into a woman, completely freaks out!

“Oh, my gosh! I have long hair. Oh, gosh. Oh, gosh! And… do I have tits!? What am I going to do? Please tell me I didn’t lose my dick.”

He proceeds to pull his hair, squeeze his tits, and look at his face, and ass in the mirror. He just has no idea what to do, and he’s afraid to see if his dick is still there.

Finally having enough nerve to look down, he begins to pinch his nipples, while bouncing his tits in his hand. He jiggles them, pinches them, and cups them.

As he gets past his newly formed perky tits, he goes down his stomach to look at his crotch. His dick is completely gone! He now has a shaved pussy, and begins to examine it with his fingers.

“Oh, gosh. Oh, no, no, no. What am I going to do?”

Realizing he has to pee, he pulls down his boxers, like a typical guy would, and begins to pee. He has no idea how to pee like a girl.

He stands over the toilet, and begins to pee, soaking his boxers, and trying to control the strand of pee. He completely covers the toilet seat.

Shaking his crotch doesn’t seem to dry him off, so he has to get some toilet paper. He begins to pat down his new pussy, but it still feels wet.

“Look at how much I soaked these things. God…”

He proceeds to wipe his pussy, the toilet seat–still freaking out about waking up and being a woman.

He flushes the toilet, and begins to button up his shirt, having no idea what to do about his new situation.

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Waking Up As A Woman And Needing To Pee

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