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Schoolgirl Learns To Give A Blowjob From Her Older Brother


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A naive, innocent schoolgirl walks in after being at school, wondering if her big brother can help with something.

Everybody at school, both boys and girls, have been talking about blowjobs. She’s embarrassed because she’s never given one before, so she asks her brother to teach her how to give one.

“What the hell!? You’re my sister. Oh well–put this rain poncho on, so your school clothes don’t get dirty. Put this condom on my cock.”

She gets on her knees with her poncho on, and pulls down her brother’s rain pants to put the condom on. He directs her on how to put the condom on, how to give a good blowjob, while giving a handjob, and how the condom keeps the cum in.

“Should I go faster?” She asks questions to make sure that it feels good to her brother.

“It’s a good thing I am wearing this poncho–there is drool all over myself!”

She gags on his cock, drooling, and sucking it off until the cum is in the condom. She asks plenty of questions, and makes remarks about how hard it is to give a good blowjob.

She is so happy that she’s pleased her brother by making him cum, and tells him she can’t wait to fuck him!

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Schoolgirl Learns To Give A Blowjob From Her Older Brother