Blowing And Popping Huge Balloons And Big Bubblegum Bubbles


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I walk into the room with a sexy dress, scarf, thigh-highs, and heels–all dressed and ready to go to a party.

I have a huge ball of gum in my mouth, and when I settle near a pile of balloons, I begin to blow big bubbles. They pop on my nose and face.

Since I need some decorations for the party, I begin to blow the balloons near me. I first blow a pink one, while taking frequent breaks to blow big bubbles with my gum, until is completely full of air.

I continue to blow bubbles, with my gum, in between each balloon. I blow red, green, yellow, pink, and orange balloons. Look how big I get my bubbles, and how huge these balloons are! The bubbles are so big that they keep popping on my face.

I tie all eight of the balloons off, when I get a text message from my friend–the party has been cancelled! Completely frustrated, I begin to pop the balloons one by one.

I take my scarf and dress off–leaving me in just my lingerie. I pick up a red balloon, completely pissed, and step on it with my heel until it pops. I continue to blow huge bubbles with my gum, and chew hard from frustration. How could they cancel the party after I’ve made all these balloons?

I pick another balloon, squeezing it so hard that it bursts in my hands. I alternate between popping each balloon with my hand and heel, while taking breaks to blow huge bubbles from my mouth, and even sucking some of them back in.

I attempt to bounce on the balloons until they pop, but when when they don’t pop, I get even more frustrated, and step on them with my heel.

“Ugh! Why won’t this pop!?”

I blow bubbles after popping each balloon. After the last balloon is popped, I blow a nice big bubble. I pull the bubble straight out of my mouth, and throw it in the trash.

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Blowing And Popping Huge Balloons And Big Bubblegum Bubbles