Home Wrecker Maid Seduces You




Oh, I’m so glad you’re home. Do you mind if I ask you kind of a personal question? You know, I’ve been cleaning your room every day, and every day I see multiple cum stains. I was wondering–do you please yourself? Don’t be embarrassed, or anything. You know, I hear a lot of moaning in here sometimes, when I’m working in the other room, and I know your wife’s not in here. I know it’s just you. So, I was wondering… Do you ever desire the things that you don’t have in life? Do you ever fantasize when you’re watching your porn? It’s okay–a lot of people watch porn. Do ever fantasize about fucking those girls in those pornos? The girls that you can’t have…

You make yourself feel good, don’t you? Because your wife, well, her chest isn’t as perfect. It’s all saggy now, and I bet her pussy isn’t even tight, is it? And when she comes home from work, she’s ALWAYS tired. So, you’re just left to please yourself, aren’t you? I was just wondering–do you ever fantasize about me as you’re stoking your cock? I bet you do, because everybody desires the things they can’t have. Do you ever fantasize about fucking me? Do you ever wonder what my tits look like? Do you want to see them? Have you ever wanted to fuck me, but you’re afraid that your wife might find out? You don’t have to be afraid. This is your life–you deserve to be happy. You don’t deserve to stroke your cock to porn. You deserve to feel really good. Don’t you want to feel good? I bet your wife doesn’t have these perky tits, does she? You know, I can make you feel good if you want.

Your wife knows that you jerk off, doesn’t she, and she doesn’t care. She doesn’t care about your sexual desires and sexual frustrations. You deserve a nice release. You know–hands aren’t always made for jerking off. They could be used to finger me, or to touch my chest. Do you want to feel my pussy? I’m really good at keeping secrets. You’ve wanted me for a while now, so come take me. Everybody deserves one of their desires to be fulfilled.

Stick it inside of me. I promise I won’t tell your wife. It’s okay–stick it in. It’s okay to fuck me. You know, you can go harder if you want.

Now, let me get on top of you. I don’t want you to have to work for it. You already work so hard, stroking your own cock. I want you to just enjoy, okay? You can even cum inside of me if you want. Do you like it when I grind on your cock like that?

Now you can do me a little favor, can’t you? You know I told you I wouldn’t tell your wife, and I promise I won’t. That felt really good, right? I need a pay raise. It would be a shame if your wife found out what we did, wouldn’t it?

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Home Wrecker Maid Seduces You

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