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Mommy Wants You To Impregnate Her




Oh, hi honey. I’m sorry that I’m in your room. There’s just something that I REALLY need to talk to you about. I’ve been just waiting for you to come home this whole time. Well, you know, honey… Mommy’s been really, really trying hard to get another baby. Yeah, that’s right–Mommy wants another baby. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have another brother or sister? It would make Mommy so happy if she had someone else to take care of. If she just had a nice, little pregnant stomach. And since you’re so big now, Mommy doesn’t have anyone to take care of. So, it would just make Mommy SO happy if she were to have another baby.

I’ve just been thinking about it for such a long time, and don’t tell you father, but I was going to talk to him about having another baby. But before I even got the chance to tell him, he got a vasectomy. A vasectomy! I didn’t even get the chance to talk to him about having another baby. So, the only way I’ll be able to have another baby is if I have one right now. That way, he can think it’s his kid! But the thing is, and this is what I need to talk to you about, and please don’t tell your daddy, is that I need someone who looks like him. You know, that way he thinks it’s his baby, and that he got me pregnant before the vasectomy. And in order to do this, I need you to get me pregnant. You’re the ONLY one that looks like Daddy. So, honey, Mommy needs your cum inside of her. And come on honey, don’t be bashful. Mommy hears you masturbating in your bedroom–she hears your moaning, and she know that you cum a lot. I’ve cleaned those sheets, honey.

So, what Mommy needs, and this would make Mommy happy, and I know you want to make Mommy happy, is to give Mommy another baby. You’re the only one who can do it. Daddy can’t do it anymore. This is Mommy’s only chance. Come here, honey. You’re going to give me your cum. You HAVE to do this for Mommy.

Let Mommy just get comfortable, and come over here, honey. And honey, just remember you need to stay relaxed–it’s important that you feel really good. Mommy just needs you to fuck her–she just needs your cum. Mommy needs to be pregnant. Promise that you won’t tell Daddy? Get on top of Mommy.

Okay, now let Mommy get on top of you. That way you can just relax for Mommy–she will do all the work. This is our little secret, okay? Just relax. You know, you’re making Mommy really happy.

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Mommy Wants You To Impregnate Her

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