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Dominant Girlfriend In Raincoat Demands Your Cock


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You’re in the shower when your horny, dominant girlfriend comes in demanding you give her your cock. “I’m here to take what’s mine, so shut up, and let me have my cock.”

Taken back from her demands, you tell her to fuck off, and that you don’t have to give her anything. “Just shut up and enjoy it.” She pulls you out of the shower by your cock, and drags you in front of her. She sits on the toilet, with all of her yellow PVC rain gear on, and begins to stroke you with her vinyl-gloved hands. After you become hard, she puts your cock into her mouth, with her gloved hand at the base of your cock, and begins to go up and down the shaft. She moans, enjoying the taste of your cock inside of her mouth, and takes it further into her mouth–gagging, coughing, and drooling on it.

After enjoying the taste of your hard cock, she demands that you get down on the floor of the bathroom, so that she can fuck you. She takes off her rain jacket, un-clips her bra, and pulls down her rain pants. Before she fucks you, she puts her rain jacket back on over her chest, and puts your hard cock inside of her pussy. She bounces on top of it, moaning from pleasure, and grinds back and forth on it. Her tits and her pigtails bounce, as she goes up and down on your cock.

After a while, she demands you to get up, and get off for her. She puts her rain pants back on, and gets to her knees. “Come on, stand up!” She tells you that you are going to cum all over her rain gear, and puts your cock inside her mouth. She coughs and gags, as drool runs out of her mouth from choking on it. She finally pulls her mouth from your dick, and begins to stroke it with her hand. She pulls her hood over her head, and eagerly waits for you to cum all over her, as you stroke your cock. You cum all over her jacket. “Whenever I say to give me my cock, you will give me my cock. And you will cum all over my rain gear–every time.”

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Dominant Girlfriend In Raincoat Demands Your Cock