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Ignored Girlfriend Gives Lollipop Handjob




A girl is watching her boyfriend play XBOX, and quickly becomes bored, and wants attention. She lifts up her shirt, puts her tits to the side of his face, but he pushes her away, and continues to play his game. She continues to try and grab his attention by hugging him, putting her ass near his face, and bouncing–nothing works. She decides to just lay back, and open a lollipop in order to tease him. As she begins licking it, she slowly grabs his attention, until he is watching her completely.

Since she has his attention fully now, she decides to really get into her lollipop–licking it slowly, and sucking on it. She runs her lolly down her tongue, twists it in her mouth, and sucks on it slowly. She pulls up her top, revealing her chest, and lays down–rolling the lolly on her tongue, and teasing him. “Is that a hard-on? Did it turn you on watching me lick this lollipop? Maybe now we both can have fun, huh?”

She takes off his pants, revealing his hard cock, and begins stroking it with her hand. She continues to suck, lick, and twist the lolly in her mouth, as she goes up and down his shaft, and looks him in the eyes. Every so often, she stops, and licks his cock like a lollipop–teasing him for a few seconds, and then continues to stroke it with her hand. Her lolly starts to get smaller and smaller, as she begins to suck and lick on it harder. “Come on, cum for me.” She alternates hands, as the lolly swirls in her mouth, and she moans. “Come on, cum for me.” He finally erupts, and she finishes her very small lolly by biting and chewing on it.

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Ignored Girlfriend Gives Lollipop Handjob