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Sex ED Lesson: Son Loses Virginity To Mommy




Mommy walks into her son’s room, and soon notices that he’s upset about something. When she confronts him, he tells her it is nothing. She tells him not to be embarrassed, and he opens up to her–telling her that everyone at school keeps talking about sex, how they are losing their virginity, and the fact that he’s never “been” with anyone. She tells him that’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and that she’s been waiting such a long for him to talk about this. “I’ve helped a lot of people with their virginity before. Would you like Mommy to teach you a little about it? Or to help you out?”

With her first lesson, she teaches him that a guy always needs to make the girl feel good. Mommy lifts up her shirt, grabbing her son’s hands, and puts them on her chest. She makes him squeeze them, and then takes her shirt and bra off, so that he can get a better feel. “Don’t be shy, honey–remember, girls like it when you make them feel good.” She tells him that since he’s trying to make the girl feel good, he needs to make sure that she is wet before he puts his hard cock inside of her. “So, in order to get her real wet, you need to just, you know, you gotta stimulate her. So, go ahead and stimulate me.” She has her son rub her pussy, and then suggests that he puts his finger inside of her. “See–doesn’t Mommy feel wet?”

“Is that a hard-on, honey? You’re hard, aren’t you? Let me see. You did say you wanted Mommy to teach you about how to lose your virginity, right?” Her son agrees, and she proceeds to take off his pants. “The only way to teach you about losing your virginity, and don’t worry, I’ve helped tons of people, is to lose your virginity.” She lays down, and her son puts his hard cock inside of her. Since he is new to sex, she begins to give him some extra help by telling him how to fuck her. “Make sure you get a steady pace.” He starts to fuck Mommy hard and fast, and she moans from pleasure, as she praises him. “You sure do have a lot of pent up energy!” He lifts up her legs, and continues to fuck her, until she suggests he get behind her–telling him that girls love doggystyle.

He fucks her doggystyle, and she moans louder. “You’re making Mommy feel so good.” He finally pulls out, and she tells him to cum all over her chest. “Wow, honey–what a huge load you have! Mommy’s so proud. Now you’ve officially lost your virginity.”

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Sex ED Lesson: Son Loses Virginity To Mommy

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