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Mommy Helps Her Injured Son Masturbate




Mommy feels responsible for her son’s fall on the wet floor, so she decides to take care of everything he needs. She makes him some soup, and brings up a bottle of Tylenol, in hopes that he feels better. As she is coming up the stairs, her son is attempting to jerk off to a porn magazine. He struggles to get his pants off, and grunts from the pain of trying to jerk off. He continues to adjust himself, but fails as his wrist leaves him in pain.

Mommy knocks on the door, and quickly walks into the room–catching her son jerking off. She quickly looks away, as she is embarrassed, and apologizes for walking in on him.

“I heard you grunting in pain, and I brought you your soup, and your Tylenol. And I… I just wanted to bring you lunch. I’m really sorry, honey. Were you jerking off? How can you even jerk off? You have a sling over your arm, and your wrists are sprained.”

She continues to apologize, and to remind him that he’s not to strain himself–the doctor told him to just rest. “Honey, Mommy’s here to take care of you… So, if you need a hand, Mommy can help you… Lay back for Mommy.”

She begins to stroke her son, but soon notices his boxers are still on, and removes them. Mommy goes up and down the shaft of her son’s cock, as she apologizes for his wrists and arm. “Poor thing, you couldn’t even stroke yourself. Honey, I know that feels good, doesn’t it? Mommy feels so bad that you couldn’t stroke yourself,”

“Do you like it when Mommy goes up and down the shaft like that?.. I just want you to relax, honey. I don’t want you to strain yourself.”

As she continues to go up and down his cock with her hand, she tells her son to let her know ANY time he needs to masturbate–he needs to let his arm and wrists heal, and she wants to help him. She praises how hard and big his cock is–how she can feel the veins bulging from it. “Cum for Mommy.”

Mommy is so proud of her big boy–she wants to help him even more. She stops to open the porn magazine that he was trying to use, and lays it across her stomach, as she continues to jerk her son off. “Come on–look at that really hot girl. Don’t you want to cum all over her nice tits?”

She continues to flip through the pages of his porn magazine, telling him to cum for her, and how proud she is of her big boy. “I know my boy likes that, doesn’t he? I’m here for whatever you need, WHATEVER you need.”

She stokes him hard and faster, as her grip tightens, and tells him she knows her son has a huge load for her since he couldn’t jerk off. As he finally cums, Mommy tells him how proud of him she is. “Whenever you need help, honey, let Mommy know, okay? Look at all that cum. You know Mommy feels bad about you falling on her wet floor… You know you’re not supposed to strain yourself.”

She tells her son that she will get a rag to clean him up, and that she’ll even feed him his soup. “Mommy’s so proud.”

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Mommy Helps Her Injured Son Masturbate

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