Sexaholic Mom Manipulates Son Into Fucking Her




Mommy knocks on the door–she has a little problem that she needs to talk to you about. You know how Mommy has been doing really well at her Sexaholics meetings, right? Well, she can’t get a hold of her sponsor, and they told her that if she ever had an urge, or craving, to just talk to somebody. Can Mommy sit down, so she can talk to you about them? Oh, Mommy’s sorry–she didn’t realize her dress was up like that–she’ll fix it.

She sits down in her son’s chair, as she begins to talk to him about her Sexaholics meetings. “I don’t know why Mommy loves sex so much. It just makes her feel so wanted and needed. Mommy just loves it when she can feel the veins bulging from a nice, hard cock inside of her mouth. She loves it when she can get a man hard.” As she explains all her cravings and urges for sex, she beings to rub her chest–making her way to the outside of her panties. “Mommy just loves a nice, hard cock inside her tight pussy. It feels so good.” She continues to tell her son everything she loves about sex, and that she has so many urges and cravings. Mommy doesn’t have anyone to talk to. Mommy needs your help. Honey, you wouldn’t want Mommy to relapse, would you? She’s been doing so good in her Sexaholics classes. You want to help Mommy, don’t you? You don’t want her out with some strange guy, do you? Just help her with her cravings. Good boy. Mommy just needs some of your cock inside of her. It will take all her cravings and urges away.

She gets on top of her son, and pulls down his pants and boxers. “Mommy REALLY needs your help… You don’t want Mommy to relapse, do you?”

She lays down on her back, as her son stands up, and sticks his hard cock inside of her. “Oh yeah, honey. You’re making Mommy feel SO good. You’re such a good boy..You’re making Mommy feel so good and wanted. This is what Mommy needs.” She moans and pants, as she tells her son how much she needs his dick, so that she doesn’t relapse–what a good boy he is for helping her. You’re helping Mommy’s cravings.

He continues to fuck her, as Mommy tells him how good he feels inside of her. “But, Mommy needs you to do something else. Mommy needs you to get behind her. Mommy needs it from behind. You want to help me, don’t you?…”

Mommy turns around, getting on her hands and knees, and her son sticks his hard cock inside of her pussy. She continues to moan, and to tell him how much she needs his cock, so she won’t relapse. “Aw, honey–you make Mommy feel so good–so wanted and needed. Mommy loves your nice, hard cock inside of her tight pussy…” Give Mommy what she needs. But Mommy needs one more thing from you. You want to help Mommy. don’t you? Mommy needs your cum. Mommy has cravings for cum in her mouth. You don’t want Mommy relapsing, do you?

Mommy lays on her stomach, and asks her son to squirt his cum into her mouth. She swallows his cum. “You’re such a good boy helping Mommy with all her cravings and urges. Now, Mommy doesn’t have to relapse.”

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Sexaholic Mom Manipulates Son Into Fucking Her

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