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Sexy Blonde Wants To Blow Bubblegum Bubbles On Your Cock


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“Look! I want to show something. Tell me if you think it is sexy.” I blow bubbles with my big wad of bubblegum, and giggle as some of the bubbles pop on my face. “Watch, watch, watch! I’ve been practicing a lot.” I continue to blow bubbles for you, showing off how big I can get them. “Isn’t that sexy!?” I continue to blow bubbles excitedly–encouraging you to admit that it’s sexy.

“I have something to ask you. I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time. Come over here. Come over here, and lay down. Here, let me just take these off for you, and make sure that you’re REALLY hard for this.” I grab your hand, and make you squeeze my chest, as I chomp on my bubblegum. “I want to give you a handjob, as I blow bubbles on the top of your dick!”

I start stroking you, and stop every so often to blow a big bubble on your head. Sometimes it even pops on your dick, and bubblegum sticks to the tip. I alternate between hands–changing positions on how I blow the bubble on your dick. Sometimes I lean over the top, and blow one directly down onto you. “I told you it was sexy.” I continue to stroke, still changing every direction in which I blow bubbles, but this time, I don’t stop. I stroke, AND blow a bubble on your dick at the same time.

Now I need you to cum, and I tell you to look at me as I blow big bubbles. I stroke you hard and fast. “Keep looking at me–I know it turns you on.” I look at you, as I blow big bubbles, stroking you as hard as I can. You finally squirt everywhere–in the air, on my hand, and on yourself. “I told you it was sexy.” I blow one last bubble, and wink.

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Sexy Blonde Wants To Blow Bubblegum Bubbles On Your Cock