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Nurse Collects Sperm From Patient Via Handjob/Blowjob




A nurse welcomes her patient, as he walks in for his appointment. She grabs her clipboard, and as she looks at his chart, sees that he is there for a fertility test. This test includes, of course, a sperm count–something that the patient needs to have before trying to have a child with his wife. The nurse tells him that procedure includes ejaculating into a condom, so that she has a sample to bring up to the lab to test. She tells him that she is there to help with his ejaculation, but it is purely clinical–completely professional.

She gets ready for the procedure by putting on pink, latex gloves, and her pink surgical mask. The nurse asks him to do the same, so that the semen is not contaminated whatsoever.

The nurse then asks him to take off his pants, and then hands him his white, latex gloves, and yellow surgical mask. He puts them on, and she proceeds to open a condom, and to roll it over his cock after making it hard with her hand. She reminds him that it is purely clinical, and that she is only there to assist him. The nurse sets down a towel in case there is a spillage from a break in the condom during the procedure. She tells her patient to let her know if there is anything she can do to speed up the ejaculation. The nurse proceeds to give him a handjob–stroking his cock, and alternating between both hands. After a while, the patient tells the nurse that he doesn’t think the handjob is working very well, and asks if there is any chance that he can get a blowjob. She agrees only because they are equipped medically, and puts his cock into her mouth. She gags on it, as she goes up and down, and drool runs down her chin. She takes deep breaths, and pants after she chokes on his cock. After running her mouth over his cock, she decides that, in order to make sure the procedure goes well, that she better continue with a handjob. She pulls her mask back up, and strokes him hard and fast until he cums into the condom. After he cums, she pulls all of the cum down into the tip of the rubber, and tells her patient that she will run the proper tests on it.

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Nurse Collects Sperm From Patient Via Handjob/Blowjob

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