Superheroine Needs Your Cock To Restore Her Powers




A superheroine receives a phone call from the commissioner informing her that the town is being invaded by a nefarious villain. She quickly acts, but first, takes a quick drink before her attack on the villain. She becomes weak in the knees, stumbling around, and feels a sensation in her clit. The superheroine drops her cup, as she tries to overcome the sensations, and sees a note attached to the bottom of it. The note reads: “Never let your temptations control you–unless, of course, they feel good. This is how good bad feels. Inside your drink is a potion, and you won’t be able to control yourself, unless you first release it.”

The superheroine soon becomes lightheaded, and overwhelmed by these sensations that she has never felt, that she decides to lay on the bed. “Oh, God! What are these sensations!?” She begins to rub outside of her panties, but the more she touches herself, the more it drains her. The superheroine tries to stick her gloved fingers inside of her, but soon finds out that she can’t help herself. “Oh, God! Why isn’t this working!?” She decides that she needs to get help–some sort of citizen that will help her with the effects from this potion.

The superheroine leaves, and soon returns with a citizen, in which she tells exactly what has happened to her body. “So, citizen–I’ve chosen you, and only you to help me with this task. She’s out there invading the town, and I’ve chosen you. You’re going to be a hero today…but you need to help me with something…” The heroine tells him how she has been poisioned with some sort of potion, and that she needs a release. “Obviously you understand what that means, right? So, in order to be a hero, and this is exactly how heroes are made, I need you to help me with something. You NEED to help me. You need to fuck me.”

She proceeds to tell him to get his cock hard, and begins to help him by stripping for him. She tells him to relax, and exposes her chest, and then her pussy. “I need you to be the hero for the day.” He needs to get her off, so that she can save the day. She encourages him to stick his hard cock inside of her, and once it is inside of her, she begins to feel a rush of power return to her body. The heroine moans from pleasure, exclaiming how good his cock feels inside of her. “I can feel my powers coming back. Come on, I need more!”

After a while of being fucked missionary, the heroine exclaims, “Let me get on your cock, it’s the only way.” She gets on top of him, breathing heavy, and tells him to relax, so she can get herself off. She bounces on his cock, and then begins grinding it, as she moves her hips. “Oh, God…that feels so good. That feels so good. No! No! I need to focus. She’s running around the town!” She struggles between the pleasures of sex, and saving the town. The superheroine bounces harder and faster the closer she gets to cumming, and once she cums, finally has a chance to catch her breath. “What a release! But, I need to focus!” She hurriedly looks around for the rest of her outfit, buttons up her top, and gets ready so she can save the town. “Thank you for your services–you’re a hero today.”

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Superheroine Needs Your Cock To Restore Her Powers

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