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Pornstar Knocks On The Wrong Door For Casting Call Gets Tied Up And Facefucked


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A porn actress, unknowingly and mistakenly, knocks on the door of a bondage enthusiast, thinking that she has the right house for her porn shoot. As he answers the door, she immediately introduces herself, telling him that she is there for the porn shoot they had discussed. She further reminds him that they’ve been talking about the shoot, over Craigslist, for a week. The man looks to see if anyone is around, and closes the door–playing along with the actress, and telling her that she is in the right place.

Since he doesn’t know what exactly she is there for, he plays stupid, and she tells him she is there to make a masturbation video. The man tells her that, unfortunately, they have already covered that position. He asks if she is okay with bondage, and she agrees to do a bondage shoot, under the promise that it will pay more anyways. He tells her that he just needs to get his “set” ready, and quickly returns, and invites her up.

As she enters the “set,” his bedroom, he tells her to set her bag down, and to have a seat. She asks if she needs to fill out any paperwork, and when he tells her no, she questions it, but continues to concentrate on the shoot. The actress asks him what his idea for the bondage shoot is, and he tells her it’s a “damsel in distress” idea–one where she is naked, tied up and ball-gagged, and moving around, as if trying to free herself.

He tells her to get naked, puts the ball-gag in her mouth, and ties her wrists, and then her ankles together. He then connects a rope from her ankles to her wrists. He tells her she looks great, and asks her to “struggle.” He praises her, but tells her that there is one thing missing–a cock in her mouth. She immediately shakes her head no, refusing, but he takes the ball-gag out of her mouth, and forces his cock into it anyways. She curses at him, but he holds onto her hair and head, as he throat-fucks her repeatedly. The actress gags, and chokes on his cock, as drool runs down her face.

He continues to hold her by her hair, and flips her to the side, and she pants and breathes for air. He continues to throat-fuck her, shifting her into different positions, until he is finally satisfied. He flips her back onto her side, opening her mouth, and jerks off until he cums into it. Cum runs up her nose, goes into her mouth, and drips down her chin. The cum drips out of her mouth, and she spits the rest out of it, as she calls the man filthy–demanding he untie her, and give up her money for the shoot. He opens his wallet, takes a small stack of bills out, and stuffs it into her mouth. “Yeah, by the way, the casting call…I think that’s next door.” She spits out the money, yelling from rage, and he stuffs it back into her mouth. “Aw, you shouldn’t have fucking done that, you whore.”

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Pornstar Knocks On The Wrong Door For Casting Call Gets Tied Up And Facefucked