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Tricked Art Student Gets Hogtied And Facefucked Hard




A nervous, socially awkward girl has been paired with another one of her fellow art classmates in order to make an art project. She thanks him, as he invites her into his home, and tells him that she really loves his paintings and drawings. Since he knows that she does artwork based on the female body, he insists that they do a project based around that theme. She is enthusiastic and ecstatic about the idea–mentioning that she believes that the female form is beautiful.

He presents the idea of showing the contrast between the liberating nature of being nude, and the binds of society. As he suggests that she be the subject of the nudity, she gets nervous, but decides that if it is for art, then surely it will be beautiful. She questions how one would portray the binds of society, and he mentions that the symbolism would be more physical–having restraints, such as a rope. She agrees that it is a good idea, especially since it is for art.

He tells her to go ahead and get undressed, and that he will get everything set up. She nervously undresses until she is completely nude, and is told to lay on her stomach, with her feet against the pillow. He ties her feet together, and then takes the same rope to tie her hands together–connecting her ankles to her wrists. As he ties her, she mentions that she is really glad that they could come up with such an amazing idea to express the female form.

After he finally finishes tying her, he walks in front of her, and she notices that he no longer has his pants on. He reassures her that they definitely are still going to make art together–he’s going to teach her the art of throat-fucking. She begs him not to, but he pulls her head up, and jams his cock into her mouth. He holds her by her ponytail, and she begins to drool from his thrusting. She coughs and gags, and pants for air whenever she can. After a while, he decides to turn her to her side, so he can admire her female form, and continues to throat-fuck her. She pants and breathes heavy, and curses him. He turns her back over, holding her ponytail hard, and throat-fucks her rougher.

He turns her to her side, once again, jamming his cock inside her mouth, and grabbing her breasts. He pulls the cock from her mouth, and cums all over her face and glasses. “See, I told you that we were going to make a masterpiece.”

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Tricked Art Student Gets Hogtied And Facefucked Hard

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