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A Not So Casual Friday At Work




Casual Fridays. My co-worker texts aimlessly on her phone as I rush to get my work done. She really gets this casual thing too. Gia always wears some sort of revealing top, tiny shorts, and zones out for the day. She doesn’t have a care in the world. Since we share a desk, I can’t help but look straight ahead…and at her chest. She looks great.

Unfortunately for me, getting onto her about working never does anything. She just laughs, and reminds me that she’s the boss’s favorite. A little flash from her big chest, and she can get away with anything…and she knows it. I like Gia. She’s witty, funny, but my god, how do we get paid the same? I work my ass off while she sits around.

I was irritated. She always does this on Fridays. I needed to get something to drink, something to help relax. I glared over at Gia, and saw that she still hadn’t taken her eyes off of her phone. This was perfect timing. I asked if she wanted anything from the break room, and she said a water.

I walked into the break room, and opened the cabinet. The blue bottle hid in the corner, and I picked it up. I unscrewed the top, and squeezed the drops back into the glass container. I had snuck the bottle in earlier, and planned to use it on Gia. She was so mindless, typing away on her phone, that it wouldn’t be a problem to drop it into her drink. I glared back at her, making sure she wasn’t paying attention, and started adding drops into the cup.

I wanted to give her something to do. I started with several drops, and then found myself adding more and more. Soon I was adding the whole bottle to her water. If she wanted to flash her chest at the boss, it’d be a hell of a chest to flash.

She took a few sips as I teased her about work. She took a few more, “Is this water? It tastes kinda funny.” It wasn’t long before she was taking gulps uncontrollably, and I only persuaded her to drink more. She rubbed her chest, and started fanning herself. “It feels a little hot.” She kept complaining about the taste, and tried to shake off the weird feeling in her body.

I watched from across the desk as her fingers slid over her chest. She was so overwhelmed with the sensations in her body that she forgot I was watching. She started moaning, and I saw her shirt struggle to stay up. Her chest was practically POPPING out of her shirt, and she couldn’t control it. They rounded in shape as they grew bigger, and it looked like they might bust her shirt. They were HUGE.

She started to panic as her nipple burst over the shirt, embarrassed to be exposed at work, and soon her other nipple raised over her top. It was only seconds before she forgot about that too. Her mind was too focused on all the feelings in her body. Her hands were like magnets to her chest. All she wanted to do was touch them.

Her moans grew louder, and I could tell she was feeling really good. She bounced her chest with her hands, played with her nipples, and squeezed her tits together. It was almost like it was too much for her. And the crazy part is that they didn’t stop growing. I watched as her chest expanded, inflating bigger and bigger, until she finally had an orgasm from the effect.

So much for Casual Fridays.

This clip includes: Miss Gia Love, Aiden Valentine, full expansion and growth of breasts

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A Not So Casual Friday At Work

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