Fat Sisters




I’m a lot bigger than my sister, and she has no problem reminding me. She always tries to cleverly suggest that I’m fat. It’s not like I deny that I’m fat, I’m well aware. It just hurts my feelings when she’s so mean about it.

For instance, the other day when we were sitting on the couch watching TV. She was taking up two-thirds, but wanted to lay all the way down, and I was sitting on the other end. With an attitude, she said, “Seriously, look at you. I think you take enough of the space up.” That bitch. On top of that, as a further degradation, she told me to go get her something to drink.

She’s been doing this for a while now–calling me names, insulting me, so I was ready for it. I agreed to get it for her, and as I got up, she was already telling me I needed the exercise. I only did it for one reason.

I bought a bottle of something called “Fat Serum.” I was nervous about using it, mostly because I really wanted it to work. Instead of using the recommended dose of three drops, I decided to add a bit more. The instructions claimed that, with just a few drops, you were able to make anyone thicker, fatter–as big as you wanted. I wanted to see her stomach bulge, maybe even explode.

I came back with her drink and handed it to her. It wouldn’t take but a sip to get the effects working. Lucky for me, and while she insulted me, she drank the whole thing. It wasn’t long before she was rubbing her stomach, “My stomach feels kinda weird.” She started getting uncomfortable, so she sat up and bent over, covering her stomach with her arms. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

In a panicked tone, she explained that her body felt tight. “Something’s not right.” She started coughing, then breathing heavy, and all of a sudden, she fell to the floor. She had no idea what was going on. In an attempt to help herself, she stood up, but was still unable to catch her breath.

Her stomach waved in and out, and she claimed to be dizzy. Soon, she was telling me her clothes felt tight, “Did you do something to my drink?” I denied it. Maybe she was just getting fatter.

I watched as her stomach started to round in shape. Her belly grew bigger, and it forced her shirt to rise. “What the fuck’s wrong with me? Her new fat flooded over her pants, and I enjoyed watching her freak out. I knelt down beside her, and poked and squeezed at her fat. “It feels so full, like,” she said between breaths, “it looks like I’m pregnant or something!”

I continued to taunt her, calling her fat, and she shrieked at the idea of it. She told me her skin was stretching, and she didn’t know if it could stretch much more. She squeezed her fat, and complained about how full her belly was. “It keeps growing! What if it doesn’t stop!?” With every few seconds that went by, she said it felt like it was growing even more.

Her stomach started getting HUGE. She cried, “What if it pops!? What if it explodes?” I kept poking at it, and it only caused her to panic more. “I don’t wanna be fat, I don’t wanna be fat like you!” Her pants were getting tighter, and she begged for me to make it stop. I played with her belly, teasing and scaring her, and she screamed that it might pop.

Completely terrified now, she ran out of the room. I was in awe. I can’t believe that just happened. I can’t believe it worked.

Oh, yeah. Heh, I wonder if she ever popped….

This clip includes: Layla Moore, Fifi Foxx, skinny sister to fat, fat serum, growing belly, expansion, inflation, huge stomach

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Fat Sisters

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