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A Robot Family




Growing up, I had trouble fitting in with my family. We often argued, fought, and generally didn’t get along. I felt unwanted, and knew it was time to leave.

Being out on my own really showed my inexperience in the world. I was lonely, and more importantly, I longed for a family that wanted me around.

I heard about a company that could copy ANYTHING you wanted. All you had to do was send in a picture, and it could replicate that person or thing.

Of course, there were some things that were different. I’ve been the proud son and brother to my new robotic mom and sister. That’s right! If I couldn’t get along with my real ones, I’d make my own just perfect. It’s just what I needed–someone to take care of me.

I’ve been completely spoiled because of them. They get me whatever I need, and they’re always there for me. I couldn’t be happier. That being said, the other day I spilled something. I could have easily cleaned it up myself, but there’s no point in doing that.

I went to the laundry room and powered on my robotic family. Their heads lifted, and they stared straight ahead. With a “Yes, Master,” they started walking jaggedly and stiff towards the spill. I took out my remote control and hit the cleaning mode, “Cleaning mode activated.” Mombot grabbed the swiffer to mop, and I told Sisterbot to grab the rags.

I told you I was spoiled, right? While my Sisterbot was cleaning the spill on her knees, I froze her. I pulled down her top to reveal her perky tits. God, they looked so real. I unfroze her, and she continued her chores. I pulled Mombot’s dress up, and then froze them both.

I won’t try to defend myself. I have needs, and I like to see certain things. Everybody does. I wanted to see them play with one another. I commanded Mombot to rub Sisterbot’s chest as I watched, and even help undressed her. It felt incredible to be in control.

I could manipulate their limbs while they were frozen, and then command them to do anything. As I tried to figure out what to do with them next, I accidentally dropped my control. My Mombot and Sisterbot unfroze themselves, and started moving without command. Ah, fuck! Sisterbot repeated, “Error, error,” as her body jerked jaggedly in all sorts of directions. She started to stutter, and then would freeze in place with her mouth open. Mombot was shifting back and forth, and she too, was repeating and stuttering her words. What a mess!

I couldn’t get them to stop either. Sisterbot picked up the swiffer, and started moping violently, and then tried to clean Mombot! Their stutter only got worse. They were barely able to make out a whole sentence. “Wou-woul-woul-woul-woul-,” my Sisterbot stuttered, but was unable to get the words out. I tried to override it, but kept hearing the words, “Error, error.” They were out of control, and I didn’t know what do.

I looked at the control. Did I break it or something? My commands weren’t working, and the button wasn’t doing anything. I had to do something! They were walking in harsh, broken movements, and I was having a hard time getting their serial number to call for support. Once I finally got it, I went to get my phone, and called the company. I complained to the company as I heard, “Clean mode-mode-mode-mode-mode engaged. I am Sisterbot. I am your ideal sister,” in the background. God! They were malfunctioning bad, and I was stuck on hold.

Eventually, it got so bad that they automatically powered off. “Shut-shut-shut-shut-shutting down.” Their heads went down, eyes closed, and they bent down at the waist. Fuck! What the hell am I going to do with two broken robots?

Ugh, so much for a robot family.

This clip includes: Leilani Lei, Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, new robotic family, Mombot and Sisterbot, clones, chip on chest and neck, remote control, powering on, jagged/robotic movement, blank stares, wide eyes, cleaning mode, robotic voice, freeze and unfreeze, limb manipulation, tit play, forced stripping, malfunctioning, repeated words and phrases, stuttering, broken movement in malfunction, head tilts, mouth open, jaw drop, confused, eye shifts, power off, shut down, bent at waist

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A Robot Family

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