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My Fat is Spilling Over My Jeans!




All I wanted to do was look cute with my crop top and jean shorts. It was so exhausting trying to wrestle my shorts over my stomach. I swear they fit a few months ago. I had to practically jump through them to get them over my waist.

I needed a break. I sat down and finally managed to move the button to the other side. Ugh, and now the zipper. There, I finally got it! FINALLY. Oh my god, my thighs are bursting right out of these! I’ve been eating WAY too much fast food. My stomach looks like a Buddha belly, and it’s squishy like pizza dough. Can I actually…wow, I can dig my finger all the way into my belly button now.

Wait, is that…is that back fat? It can’t be. No, no, no. My fat is spilling all over these jeans. Fuck, I don’t know if I can stop eating all of that delicious fast food. Surely I haven’t gotten that huge.

I stood up and jiggled the fat on my thighs. When I put my legs together, my thighs touched. There wasn’t a gap at all! I quickly turned around and poked at my ass. Is that cellulite? Holy shit, I was able to SQUEEZE the flab from each part of my body.

I had thunder thighs, a HUGE belly–when did all of this happen? I started thinking back to all of the food I’d been eating. My birthday, Christmas, New Year’s, and all of that Taco Bell. No wonder I looked so big! My chest was so much bigger, and oh god, my cheeks felt fatter.

All I had to do was shift my neck back, and I had a double chin. I looked down at my bulging stomach. It was the biggest dunlap I had ever seen. Seriously, there was a gigantic muffintop oozing from my shorts! My jeans were so tight now, and I couldn’t stand it. I had to open the button, unzip, and just let my big belly spill over.

Ahhh, that felt so much better. But, I couldn’t go to the beach looking like this. I had to stop eating so much. I was able to grab rolls of fat in my hands and jiggle them all over the place. They were obnoxious, and there was no way I could hide them. My belly had gotten so big that it looked like I was pregnant.

I was outgrowing my clothes with all of this weight, but I didn’t want to diet. I didn’t want to stop eating all of those foods. I mean, I was already this big, why even bother? I could do whatever I wanted, and get as big as I wanted.

This clip includes: Camille Black, gaining weight, weight gain, tight clothes, muffintop, dunlap, jiggling and squeezing fat, big/huge belly, squishy, soft, fat rolls, double chin, thunder thighs, no thigh gap, cellulite, bigger chest, fatter cheeks/face, back fat, love handles

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My Fat is Spilling Over My Jeans!