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The Full Moon Sexpot




After a long week of work, you thought it might be fun to go out and get a couple of drinks. Never did you think that you’d be meeting a beautiful lady that you’d soon be taking out on a date. Lucky, lucky you. Your heart is racing when she smiles at you, “I had so much fun on our date tonight. I’m going to give you a night that you’re never, ever going to forget.” Her voice is seductive and almost hypn0tizing. She knows exactly what to say, and how to look at you to get you going.

Oh, and she knows that you want to get laid. She teases you, lifting her small, black dress. “I want to see how aroused I can get you.” She wants your cock desperately, and isn’t afraid to let you know it. She smiles at the bulge forming from your pants, and then giggles, “Do you need to see a little bit more?” She accidentally snorts in the middle of her giggle, and quickly covers her face, pretending nothing happened. She continues to seduce you, telling you to unzip her dress. As she undresses, she looks back at you and begins talking, but her voice is nasally. It’s almost too nasally that it’s quickly becoming unattractive, and she can’t control it. “I’m so sorry,” she attempts to force out in a seductive tone, but she can see that you’re not aroused anymore. She develops a stutter, and can barely get her sentences out. “I-I-I-I-I don’t see your-your-your bulge anymore. Is-is-is every-every-every-every-everything okay?”

She panics, trying to walk in her heels, but stumbles to keep her balance. She trips everywhere, and soon, even her appearance has changed. Her nasally voice stutters out, “Oh, no…my hair. Is my hair up? And I have my glasses on. I’m not-I’m not really good with walking in-in-in heels.” She struggles more, “This isn’t fair. No, no, no, no.” She attempts to turn you on by showing off her body, but catches the hint that you aren’t interested. In fact, you’re almost disgusted.

Her thigh-high stockings fall down from her fading shapely legs, and are replaced with ugly, yellow stripped knee-high socks. Her heels become tennis shoes, and when you look up, the rest of her outfit has changed too. It’s your nerdy neighbor who you’ve turned down hundreds of times. You demand that she gets out, but she begs for you to let her stay. She confesses that she’s had a crush on you for a long time, “And-and you-you-you-you-you thought I was pretty, didn’t you?”

She explains that every full moon, she transforms into this sexpot that she can’t control. Confused, she tries to grasp why she’s transformed back into her nerdy self. Skeptical, you suggest that if this really is the case, the clouds must be covering the moon. She begs and pleads, unsure what to do, but finally agrees to leave.

She looks outside to see a full moon and immediately falls to her knees, panting for air. “I don’t-don’t-don’t know what’s wrong with me,” she stutters. Alarmed, you ask her if she’s okay, and she smiles up at you. Her voice goes back and forth from nasally to seductive, and she tells you she feels just fine. In fact, she’s starting to feel really good.

“I feel something really warm going through my body…” She narrates the changes in her body, and moans from pleasure as her transformation begins. Her curves start to come back, and her not so shapely legs become luscious. Her ugly socks disappear, and her thigh-high stockings return. “I think the clouds finally moved,” she says with a smile.

Her glasses disappear, her hair is down, and her voice is back to its seductive tone. She shows off in her little black dress, and walks gracefully in her black heels. “Where were we?” She looks down to see a bulge forming from underneath your pants, and suggests that maybe you should put it inside of her. She leads you to the couch, and teases you, slowly getting undressed.

Without hesitation, she gets on top of you and rides your cock, moaning loudly and uncontrollably. You explode inside of her, and she smiles sweetly, “Every full moon, you’re going to be mine.”

This clip includes: FULL transformation process, seductive babe to nasally nerd, full moon, clouds cover moon, nasally nerd to seductive babe, teasing, stripping, virtual sex, virtual creampie, POV, special fx

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The Full Moon Sexpot

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