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Daddy’s Little Entranced Girls




It’s hard being a single father. I don’t have that mother figure to talk to the girls. You know…about growing up, going out on dates, being careful. I don’t really know what to say or do.

My beautiful daughters were getting ready in the bathroom for a double date. They were smiling, laughing–all excited for their big night. Whitney, the older one, didn’t really surprise me. She’s always had that…well, how can I word this…that seductive side about her. I think she gets it from her mother. My younger daughter, though, Fifi, is still my little girl. She just wants so badly to be like her big sister.

Before they went out, I wanted to talk to them. They reminded me that they were growing up, but that’s hardly what a father ever wants to hear. I didn’t want some sleazy guy touching them anywhere.

I had my girls sit on the bed and then sat across from them. I reminded them how beautiful they were, and how much they reminded me of their mother. They blushed. I wasn’t ready for them to grow up. I asked if they remembered the necklace their mother always wore, and they smiled as I placed it in front of them.

Their mother did whatever I wanted, whatever I needed. It was such a shame to see my daughter had grown to be like her. My poor Whitney. I loved my wife, but she had a wild side, and I slowly learned to control it with practice. Now it was time for my girls.

I swung the beautiful necklace in front of them and told them to focus on how shiny it was. With a few swings, they began to fall into a deep trance. I had already started the training process with Whitney. She was wild like her mother, and now her poor sister was following her footsteps. I wouldn’t allow it. Not my little girls.

Their voices lost emotion, their eyes rolled and fluttered, and soon, they were becoming entranced to obey me. I would tap into their subconscious, telling them that they’ve always loved their daddy, and they would do whatever made me happy. And Fifi…she’d join the family tradition of sucking Daddy’s cock.

I counted backwards from 10, and with a snap of my fingers, they were out. Once I snapped my fingers again, everything that I had said would be implanted in their heads. Snap.

My girls looked forward with blank stares. Not one thing ran through their minds. With every command I gave, I heard a “Yes, Daddy” in unison. I commanded Whitney to strip down her sister, and without hesitation, she did it. I commanded them to dance, and they rocked their hips slowly and mindlessly. I wanted to make sure they were in a complete trance.

I watched as my little one groped her sister. It was time. I commanded Fifi to suck her daddy’s cock, and for Whitney to help teach her the ropes. My daughters got on their knees, and my little one wrapped her mouth around my hard cock. Whitney obediently guided her sister, moving her head up and down.

When I was happy enough, I asked Fifi if she wanted my cum. She answered with a “Yes, Daddy.” I jerked my cum all over her face, and she thanked me with a blank stare. I commanded them to clean up, but they weren’t going out tonight. After all, they would always be Daddy’s little girls.

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Daddy’s Little Entranced Girls

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