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Bound and Face-fucked in the Stalker’s Garage




An over obsessive man has been admiring Fifi for quite some time now. Without her knowledge, he’s finally found out where she lives and plans on approaching her for the first time. Unfortunately for the young blond, his encounter won’t be ideal.

As the day comes to an end, he sneaks through her gated backyard, tip-toeing his way not to cause any trouble. He glares through the window and watches her, waiting until it’s dark outside to break in.

As she’s sleeping, he shatters the glass, and then quietly approaches her bedroom door. The stalker watches her as she sleeps, and then gently pulls down her top to grope her perky chest. She moans softly in her sleep, and he continues to rub her pussy from outside of her panties.

Startled by his touch, Fifi wakes up and immediately panics. She tries to cry out, but the stalker covers her nose and mouth with his hand. She desperately tries to fight him, but he overpowers her, and soon she’s knocked out.

After a few hours have passed, Fifi is awoken by the stalker’s hand pulling back on her hair. “Wake the FUCK up!” he demands. Confused, Fifi looks around only to find herself bound around the chest, ankles, and wrists. She struggles with the ropes, trying to escape, and cries out, but is muffled by the gag in her mouth.

The stalker explains that he’s been watching her for a while now, and then proceeds to grope her chest. “Ah, look at those beautiful tits. They’re so much better in person to touch.” He tells her that he has a job for her, and pulls out his hard cock. “You’re going to suck my cock.” She shakes her head no, and he explains that if she wants to be released, she’s going to have to cooperate.

He removes the gag from her mouth, and as she tries to plead with him, he stuffs his cock into it. Scared to resist, she begins sucking his cock, but as he pushes it further into her mouth, she gags and jerks away.

He grabs her by the hair, and she cries that she’s cold and tired, but he ignores her, and slaps her across the face with his cock. Desperate to be freed, she finds herself trying to please him. He chokes her with his cock, throat-fucking her, and drool runs down her face.

Fifi pants for air, but before she even has a chance to recover, he stuffs his cock back into her mouth. After a while, she tries to resist, but he drags her back by her hair. She curses at him, but she’s defenseless against her restraints.

Soon, her face and shirt are covered in her own drool. She begs and pleads, and almost throws up from his cock. The stalker doesn’t stop, though–not until she finishes the job.

Frustrated with her incompetence, he demands that she opens her mouth, and makes her watch and suffer as he jerks his cock. He unloads inside of her mouth, and she cries as it hits the sides of her face. He demands that she swallows, and still scared, she does. He taunts her, making her think that he will let her go.

Unfortunately for her, he decides to gag her, and leaves her to her own muffled, echoing cries in the garage.

This clip includes: stalker, innocent blond victim, breaks into her house, chest groping, pussy rubbing, hand over mouth, knocks her out, hair pulling, rope bondage, cleave gag, gag talk, begging/pleading, crying/sobbing, struggling, forced blowjob, face-fucking, deepthroat, rough, choking, spit/drool, panting, resistance, cum in mouth and on face, forced cum swallowing, male domination, POV

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Bound and Face-fucked in the Stalker’s Garage