Seducing My Daughter’s Boyfriend




My little girl has a rebellious side to her. I didn’t mean to embarrass her when I walked into her room and caught her, well…blowing her boyfriend. I didn’t even know she was home! She freaked out and quickly covered his body. They must have skipped school to fool around and didn’t think I’d find out. I was just trying to do the laundry.

The boy, Aiden, apologized repeatedly, and seemed almost ashamed that I had caught him. I wouldn’t stand for this type of behavior in my house. I told my daughter to leave and finish the laundry, and that I would have a talk with Aiden. She cussed and stormed her way out. I swear that girl has such an attitude.

I needed to know what his intentions were with my daughter. Somehow, though, I was distracted. The sight of his young, hard cock when I first caught them lingered in my head, and without thinking, I removed the towel to expose it. A boy his age only ever wants to mess around.

I began to stroke it, unable to control myself, and soon my mouth wrapped around its hard shaft. The boy was worried that my daughter would walk back in, but with a little pleasure, he didn’t seem to care. In fact, he told me he wanted to get off.

With that being the only intention, I figured I could help the young stud out. He was so turned on that he started removing my clothes, and just seconds later, his hard cock was inside of me. Oh, it felt so amazing. He was flipping and turning me every which way, fucking me hard and fast.

I even rode his cock, and my daughter didn’t hear a thing! I was moaning loudly as he switched me from one position to another. After fucking me hard, he pulled out and came all over my body. It was such a big load.

I was smiling up at him when I heard my daughter walk into the room. “Mom, I can’t find the laundry soap…” She looked over to see me and Aiden on the bed. Oh, she was furious. She kicked out Aiden, and was horrified to see my body covered in cum.

I couldn’t help but giggle. Even a woman my age likes a young stud.

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Seducing My Daughter’s Boyfriend

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