Tongue and Spit Punishment for Panty Thief Brother




I’ve had enough. This was the last pair of panties I was going to find in my brother’s room. That’s right! He steals them all the time, and I was going to make sure that the little pervert didn’t do it again.

I was furious when I walked into his room. I slammed down the newspaper from his hands, and he saw the panties between my fingers. He knew I was pissed. I got over top of him and ran my tongue hard against his face. My red lipstick smeared all over.

He didn’t try to deny it either. Ugh, that PERVERT admitted he took them. I jerked his head back and forth, and in full strides, licked his face. He kept complaining that it was disgusting, but I didn’t care. I ran my tongue over and over across his salty skin, and covered it with my wet, smelly saliva.

I even taunted him, letting the spit hang down from my tongue until it hit him in the face. Oh, it was so gross. Maybe it would teach him not to fuck with my underwear anymore. But I kept going. Glazing and glazing his face with my juicy saliva, and spitting directly into his face. I coated everything. His forehead, nose, mouth, cheeks, chin, until everything was a disgusting mess.

He kept trying to bribe me, but I didn’t stop. That is…not until my boyfriend was at the door. I threw my panties on his soaked face. That’ll teach him.

This clip contains: Bella Ink, Aiden Valentine, face licking, torture, torment, punishment, female domination, spit, drool, saliva, licking, coating, glazing, tongue, victim, mouth, brother/sister, lipstick

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Tongue and Spit Punishment for Panty Thief Brother