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REMATCH: Alexis vs. Aiden




Upset after his last match with Alexis, Aiden demands a rematch. His mindset remains at “Guys are statistically stronger,” and figures there’s no way she could beat him again.

This match was completely unscripted with no predetermination of who would actually win. We had no idea what to expect!

Stats: Alexis is 4’11 at 125 pounds going up against Aiden’s 6’1, 130 pounds.

With a little shove back from Alexis, the match begins. After a few seconds of grappling, Aiden is able to get Alexis down. Unfortunately for him, she wraps her toned, muscular legs around his waist, and it begins to weaken him.

Aiden is able to free himself, but quickly finds himself between her legs again. She chokes him, wrapping her strong quads around his neck and head. Desperate to free himself, he picks her up, but even after escaping, he falls into more scissorholds and head scissors that seem impossible to escape.

After some more grappling, Alexis finds Aiden at a weak point. She grabs him by his hair, drags him over to her, and locks his head between her bicep and forearm. Her legs squeeze his waist, making it impossible to get out, and he struggles to breathe. Even with a final rear naked choke, the winner holds on just a little longer to prove a point, and the loser almost blacks out.

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REMATCH: Alexis vs. Aiden

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