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The Pleasures of Pantyhose: Pussy Eating with My Girlfriend


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My girlfriend and I share a unique fetish. We love the feel of thick pantyhose on our bodies, but better yet, feeling it on one another’s body. It wasn’t long before I was laying her down and spreading her silky, white, nylon legs. I ran my fingers down her hose, and softly brushed my fingertips across her pussy. I felt her hips thrust up, so I ran my mouth along her crotch, and let my hot, wet tongue seep through the nylons.

I loved hearing her moan as I wet her pantyhose, and then admired her pussy pushing through the soaked material. I ran my nails down it, letting it shape even further, before digging my tongue back into it. It drove her crazy.

It was my turn. I laid on my back and she spread my thick, green, pantyhose covered legs. Her hands wrapped around my waist, and she licked my pussy through the tight material. Her tongue pressed the hose closer to my pussy lips, and I felt the wet material hug it. My pussy shaped through the material, and I felt my body twitch…. I knew she could taste me through the pantyhose.

This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, Akira Shell, pantyhose, tights, kissing, pussy eating/licking outside of pantyhose, licking, lesbian, girl-girl

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The Pleasures of Pantyhose: Pussy Eating with My Girlfriend