A Painful and Pleasurable Dental Procedure




You sit in a dentist chair, waiting for the dentist as your teeth throb in pain. She walks in, introduces herself, and asks about your concerns. You proceed to tell her that you have a few molars that need to be checked out. As you continue to explain your problem, the dentist puts on her medical gloves, and then pinches the nose to a surgical mask. “Yes, sure…we can do that for you.”

We? The dentist already frightens you, but an assistant? “My dental assistant will be joining me shortly, if that’s alright.” The assistant introduces herself as Alexis, shaking your hand, and the dentist assures you that she’s a professional. That comforts you a bit, and it doesn’t hurt that you find the assistant attractive.

Alexis continues to get herself ready, putting on medical gloves, safety glasses, and a surgical mask. The dentist proceeds to explain to you that there is a new procedure where they have to strap you down, fixating you in place so there are no accidents. You’re freaked out at first, but trust that they know what they are doing.

Alexis begins strapping you down, locking your hands into place. The assistant also wedges a ring gag into your mouth so you don’t bite down onto her fingers. Before starting the check-up and cleaning, the women change their gloves. Now that your mouth is pried open, they use their instruments to poke at your teeth and gums.

The dentist isn’t precise, and as she hurts your mouth, she laughs. She encourages her assistant to be rough with you, and soon, you’re begging for them to stop. After what seems like an eternity of pain and torture, the dentist tells her assistant that they need to do something to help distract you from the pain.

Seeing that you’re still frightened, they kneel down and try to make you feel comfortable. The dentist and her assistant stroke your cock with their latex hands, and you feel yourself getting stiff against their gloves. They take turns pleasuring you, and then stroke you together, trying to help you forget about the pain.

The dentist encourages you to cum, and you finally erupt all over the assistant’s blue gloves. The women proceed to tell you that you should probably make another appointment. After all, you might be in pain for quite a while.

This clip includes: Alexis Rain, Fifi Foxx, dentist and assistant, POV, blue and white medical gloves, latex gloves, glove fetish, surgical masks, mask fetish, safety glasses, bound and tied up procedure, ring gag in mouth, pain and torture with medical instruments, stroking, double handjob, cum on gloves

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A Painful and Pleasurable Dental Procedure