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Double Footjob with Mom and Her MILF Friend Payton Hall


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I couldn’t think of a better way to end the day but with a glass of wine with my beautiful friend, Payton. We were reminiscing about the day when my sweet boy walked in and sat down between us.

I admit…I was feeling pretty good. I was tipsy, and I knew nothing would feel better than a foot massage. I asked my son, Aiden, to rub my feet, and with a little smile and persistence, he agreed. He’s always been such a good boy.

It wasn’t long before my boy was going back and forth between our feet. Our feet ached from a long day of high heels, and his fingers made us relax. It felt amazing. I happened to look down at my feet, and I didn’t mean to embarrass him, but I saw a bulge through his shorts.

Of course, my sweet son denied it, but I knew better. In fact, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it before. He was blushing, and in an obvious state of discomfort, but Payton and I reassured him it was okay.

We rubbed our feet against the crotch of his shorts, and I giggled, curious to see his stiffened cock. Maybe I had too much to drink, but I felt like it was okay. After all, Aiden was still my little boy.

He was hesitant, so I offered something in return. If he showed me his hard cock, I’d give him a footjob. But he wanted to sweeten the deal. He wanted Payton’s pretty little feet on his cock too.

Being the tipsy girls that we were, we agreed, and soon, my son was throbbing against our feet. I slid the sides of my feet up his shaft, and Payton rubbed her painted toes softly against his balls.

We shared his cock, putting one foot each against his shaft, and stroked him together. Oh, he loved it. The pre-cum was oozing and dripping from his cock.

I couldn’t believe I was actually enjoying myself. My friend, Payton, and I let Aiden feel every part of our feet. We jerked his cock in different ways, letting our soles, feet, and toes pleasure his every inch.

His cock couldn’t handle it anymore. He exploded with both pairs of our feet against his shaft. His huge load soaked my feet, and Payton allowed his dripping cock to wet hers.

Now that his little foot fetish secret was out, he wasn’t shy at all. In fact, my sweet boy got to play with our feet all evening long.

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Double Footjob with Mom and Her MILF Friend Payton Hall