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The Hand Over Mouth Procedure




I work for a company that specializes in collecting semen samples from men. Those samples are taken for whatever reason the patient may need it for. My job, however, is not to worry about the reason, but to collect the sample.

I’m on a timed schedule. I need to make sure patients are relaxed for the procedure we use. The way we do things is a bit different. We put patients under a general anesthesia. I admit, our methods come off a bit nerve-racking and unorthodox, but we’re professionals. I have them lie down, and then restrain their arms before beginning the anesthesia.

Now that they are bound, I set my watch, and remind them to relax and breathe. I cover their mouth and nose with my hand, and then hit the face of the watch to start the gas. They always struggle, but I keep a firm, fixed hold over them. If my hand doesn’t cut off their oxygen, the anesthesia ensures that they get knocked out.

Once the patient is out, I begin the process of extracting the semen. I push down their pants, and pull out their cock. I stroke their cock with my hand, making sure to pleasure the patient for a good release.

Sometimes the patient wakes up. They are frightened, dazed and confused, and it’s important to knock them back out immediately. I tell them to relax, and once again, wind up my watch. My hand covers their nose and mouth, and I press the face of the watch allowing it to release the gas. They struggle, their eyes fluttering and rolling, but I hold tight until they go back under.

I continue stroking. However, sometimes, and this is a rare case, patients will wake up a second time. I move them in front of me, lock their hands behind their back, and reach around them.

Unfortunately, this method isn’t as comfortable. While the patient is still in a state of confusion, I wind up my watch, cover their mouth and nose with one hand, and then jerk their cock with the other as the gas is released. The patient remains in a half-conscious state, their eyes rolling and fluttering, as I attempt to extract their semen. I go back and forth, switching between the hands.

I feel bad when a patient has to experience such a set-back in the procedure. In a case like this, I will allow the patient to enjoy a pleasurable cumming experience. As they regain consciousness, I stroke their cock until they cum into my hand. Once I’ve collected the sample, they can have a seat until the anesthesia wears off. Then it is time for the next patient.

Oh, what a coincidence…that’s you. Go ahead and take a seat for me. As you may know, I will be collecting a semen sample from you today. We use a different procedure for doing so. I’m going to put you under a general anesthesia. Now remember, just relax…and breathe. Relax…and breathe.

This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, facility that collects semen, hand over mouth procedure using anesthesia, arms bound/bondage, struggling, eye rolling and fluttering, limp, unc0nscious, stroking, jerking, handjob, patient wakes up confused and receives another HOM procedure, patient wakes up a second time and remains in a half-conscious state as new HOM procedure is taking place, reach around handjob, cum in hand, begins a POV HOM procedure on you, special fx, wristwatch fetish

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The Hand Over Mouth Procedure