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Giantess Teen Alex Empire Grows Into A Giantess Using Magic Pills




I’ve always dreamed of becoming a model. One of those high fashioned girls you see walking on the runway on TV, or featured in a Vogue magazine. They’re beautiful. I’ve often lusted over their beautiful, long legs and desperately wanted to have them. Little did I know I was about to be transformed into a giantess teen.

I bought a bottle of pills that promised to give me the long, luscious, supermodel legs that I’ve always wanted. I could barely contain my excitement when I took a tablet and swallowed it down. It was supposed to work immediately. At first, I was skeptical, but then I felt something. I was warm and tingly everywhere. I could feel it in my legs, all the way up, and into my arms. Oh, it felt so good. But then it got tight. I started breathing heavy, and I…I could feel it.

Giantess Growth

I was growing! I couldn’t believe I was bigger. My legs were longer, and they looked amazing. I couldn’t help myself from touching them. I was going to be a top model for sure. How tall was I!?

I still felt weird, though; the effects hadn’t left my body. I still felt warm, tingly, and tight. It felt like it was actually getting stronger. I was shaky from it, but I tried to keep myself calm. I felt my skin getting even tighter. Oh god, oh god. I was growing…again!

My legs were beautiful, but I was getting too tall. I wanted to be 5’10, but this was far too tall. I didn’t know what to do. Even calming myself down wasn’t helping. I felt so hot. Oh no…it was coming again.

Giantess Teen

I shot into the air, and this time it was worse. My skirt and panties started rising, and my panties stretched into my pussy. It was too much. I was getting way too big for my clothes. My shirt pushed down as my chest grew and popped out over it.

Everything was so BIG! Even my ass was huge. If I got any taller, I might shoot straight through the ceiling. It was going to happen again…I could feel it.

I shot up to the ceiling and pressed my hands against it, desperate for a solution. I couldn’t get any bigger. There was no way. There had to be…something. Something to reverse all of this. I didn’t know how I was going to get out of there. I was too big for the door, too big for the window. I just wanted pretty legs. Now my legs were the size of tree trunks….

This clip includes: Alex Empire, giantess teen, growth, pills for long legs, warm, tight, and tingly feeling, several height increases, breast expansion, chest pushes top down, uncontrollable growth, ass expansion, giant/giantess, amazon, big, tall, body inflation

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Giantess Teen Alex Empire Grows Into A Giantess Using Magic Pills