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Magic Hands




Constance is the trusted assistant to a renowned magician. However, she’s tired of not being in the spotlight when she thinks she’s beyond worthy. After the magician’s big show, she sneaks into their hotel room to look for his magic wand. She rummages through everything until she finds it hidden in a drawer.

Excited and overwhelmed, she begins playing with it, but unfortunately, she doesn’t know how it works. Constance waves it around, “The glitter is supposed to happen when he spins it…” She tries moving it in different ways, but nothing seems to work. After several spins, the wand sparks and hits Constance’s hand, causing her to drop it.

After a few seconds, her hands start moving out of her control. One hand repeatedly smacks her across the face, “What’s wrong with my hands?” The hands pat her down, grope her chest, and move every which way. Constance is unable to gather her thoughts, “I’m freaking out,” as they squeeze her nose, and then cover her mouth so she can’t talk.

As she muffles through her own hand, the other hand takes off her shirt, and then slaps her ass. They continue to mess up her hair and unfasten her bra. “No, no, no. Don’t come off. I said no.” They squeeze, grope, and play with her exposed tits as she panics, “Hands stop!” Eventually, one hand works its way down her body and into her skirt, forcing her to touch herself. “What am I doing!? WHAT THE FUCK!”

She moans uncontrollably as one hand plays with her pussy, and the other chokes and slaps her. Her eyes flutter and roll back with pleasure. Once they’ve had their fun, one hand covers her nose and mouth until she passes out and lands on the bed, unconscious.

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Magic Hands


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