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Step Dad Entranced His Daughter and Her Cute Friend




Ever since my divorce, my life has been in shambles. I couldn’t quite pick up the pieces when she left. It’s hard when that’s the only person you’ve ever known. You get used to them, and them alone.

I’m a single father. I have a beautiful growing girl, and she is the spitting image of my ex-wife. I’m constantly embarrassed of my actions around her. Drinking, and sometimes even acting inappropriately around her friends. I hardly notice I’m doing it. Perhaps I’m going through a mid-life crisis.

My daughter, Fifi, walked in with a friend from school. A tiny girl by the name of Mina. I thought she was gorgeous the moment I met her. Maybe it showed because I didn’t realize I was shaking her hand for so long, and my daughter had to practically pull me away.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I believe that it had become an obsession. She wouldn’t leave my mind. For my own daughter’s sake, I needed it to disappear from my head. I wanted Mina for whatever reason, and having her was the only way to make this go away.

I obtained a device that would spew words into her head. Something that would erase everything she knew, and reprogram her mind to obey me. It seems a bit excessive, I know, but maybe if I had her for a day, I could get her out of my head forever.

A few days later, she came over. I had no idea she was coming, but this would be the perfect chance. She asked where Fifi was, and I said I would go and get her. She tugged at my shirt, and knowingly flirted with me. It made me feel amazing. I think she knew I liked her and was only teasing me. Either way, I had to get her out of my head.

I told Mina to sit down in the living room, and as she did, I went to get the device. I lied and told her that Fifi would be out in a second. To make sure everything worked properly, I told her that her eyes were pretty so she would take off her glasses. Then I implanted the device in front of her face.

Words were spewing from it, and her eyes started to flutter and roll. During the brainwashing and reprogramming, my daughter came out of her room, “Dad, have you heard from Mina? I haven’t seen– DAD, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” I panicked, and placed the device in front of her face, causing the same response.

Oh no, not my little girl. I waved my hand in front of her face, but she had a blank stare. When commanded or asked something, both girls replied, “Yes, Master.” I tested out the effects of the device, making the girls strip and undress one another. They did tasks mindlessly, and when done, awaited my command with wide, blank eyes.

Since my daughter was stuck in the trance, I figured I’d make good use of it. After all, she did look just like her mother. I commanded the girls to suck my cock, and they knelt down obediently to do so. I had them take turns until I was satisfied.

I groped their nude, bare bodies. Fifi was so grown up, and her body was beautifully developed. It was such a horrible thing to do, but maybe that’s why it was such a turn on. I commanded Mina to one couch, and Fifi to the other. They both obediently bent over the couch in a doggystyle position. My cock was throbbing as I fucked Mina first. I had been waiting for her petite body.

Then I went to my daughter. I stuck my hard cock inside her tight, little pussy and fucked her hard. As I took turns fucking the both of them, they never changed their expression. They stared straight, blank, with open eyes, and completely mindless.

Mina was so tiny. It was easy to pick her up and bounce her on top of my cock. After a minute, I moved her alongside Fifi. As I continued to fuck her, I don’t know what came over me, but I wanted my daughter to watch. So, I commanded her to do so.

I continued to go back and forth between the two, and then commanded Mina to the other couch where I fucked her missionary style. After a few minutes, I let my daughter suck her juices off my cock. And just as I was about to explode, I walked over to Mina, and jerked my load all over her body.

I let the girls clean up as I thought about my new life. Since my daughter had been accidentally reprogrammed, I didn’t have to ever worry about what she thought. Maybe a little chaos is okay…as long as you have it under control.

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Step Dad Entranced His Daughter and Her Cute Friend

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