An Inside Look into the Supernatural




This clip is packed with sound effects and special effects for a more enjoyable and realistic experience. We are extremely happy with the outcome!

Tara is a huge believer in the supernatural. Because of her obsession with these unknown spirits, she’s found herself at one of the world’s most haunted hotels.

With three days of no activity, she’s grown quite skeptic of the place. She lies on the bed, disappointed, until she hears a sound. “What was that?” she sits up. The banging gets louder, and she becomes frightened, causing her to have an adrenaline rush. “Hello?”

The lights flicker on and off, and a cold breeze blows through the air. She rubs her arms and covers her legs, trying to warm herself up from the draft. A few moments later, something drags her body down the bed, and she freaks out, attempting to get herself together. Now she is horribly terrified, and the cold draft continues to freeze her body.

Tara holds her head, “What’s happening?” as a loud ringing makes it hard for her to focus. She pulls at her hair uncontrollably, miserable from the sound, until finally, the spirit enters her body.

“Oh, it worked,” the spirit slides her fingers down her new arms. “I haven’t been in a human body in decades. Mmm…it’s a nice one too.” The new Tara moves her head and touches her new body, admiring the warmth of it. “And this time, I’m in a woman’s body, which changes things quite a bit.”

The spirit experiments with Tara’s body, groping and squeezing her tits, “I’ll finally be able to leave this stupid hotel, but first…I should get a little bit more acquainted with this new body of mine.”

The spirit undresses, and runs its fingers across Tara’s bare body, “Oh my, that is very warm.” It turns around and squeezes her soft ass, “I can’t wait to start a new life all over.” It bends and moves her body, adjusting itself to having flesh and bones again.

“I’m gonna have to change her name…everything about her now. I’m sure people will start looking for her…well, me.” She smiles and thinks about changing Tara’s identity, life, and appearance. “I wonder what the world is like now.”

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An Inside Look into the Supernatural

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